Each object has its own story and, often and willingly, this story is made of strokes of genius, extraordinary people, mistakes, absurd experiments, randomness.
Malik Thomas is a graphic artist and Illustrator based in the UK. His hyper-detailed work can be seen in advertising campaigns, magazines and newspapers around the globe. Through a bold use of line work, Malik is able to dissect the interior of common objects, revealing a miniature world where all the elements and characters that make up its interior coexist. His work, more often than not, has its own story containing many references to extraordinary people, popular culture and his love of music.
FastCompany / Subway / National Football Museum / DigiFabShop / APEX Experience Magazine / Modus Magazine / Dorothy / VCollective / Moog Music / Shure / Practical Engineering / Liverpool School of Art & Design.​​​​​​​
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